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On an archaeological dig from home


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On an archaeological dig from home

Debunking the myth of archaeology!

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Required: Laptop or tablet, better, or otherwise smartphones, internet access, around 10-15 MB/s download speed
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While you’re at home, I'll take you on a virtual journey to Sicily where I was born and raised. This archaeological site, Himera, 40 min drive from Palermo, is the topic of my Bachelor dissertation turned in to a book by my University and most of all the place where me and my colleagues uncovered this amazing necropolis.

It won't be just a visit, my pictures were taken during the excavation, it is like being an eye witness of the discovery, the thrill of "touching" the past!

What to expect

- Witness the way an archaeologist turns layers into history

- Help me to debunk the myth of Indiana Jones (quite hard!) and give the right credit to the profession!

- Follow me on a virtual tour in an untouched 2500 yo greek Necropolis in Sicily

- Enjoy a selection of tombs and discoveries on this cemetery where 9500 tombs, 6000 skeletons and 18000 archaeological finds have been unearthed in 1,5 years

- Be moved by images showing devotion towards the dead and compassion of parents towards children who died in prenatal age or in childhood.

- Learn about diseases, diet, expectancies of life, habits through the skeleton's analysis, a story of everyone's life!

- Discover ritual and ceremonies to honor the dead

and other topics like

- Cremation and burial two habits in comparison

- The dead in battle in a mass grave

- Inhumations of animals

- Habits, superstition and curses in the greek society


A question and answer session is planned to make the experience more interactive!