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Rome and the water. Its bi-millennial relationship through fountains, aqueducts and more!


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Rome and the water. Its bi-millennial relationship through fountains, aqueducts and more!

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One of the first things that surprises any visitor in Rome is the abundance of water in the form of spectacular or hidden fountains. The relationship between Rome and its water though is much more complex and very fascinating.

From the Ancient Romans who built spectacular public baths (like those of Caracalla) and majestic aqueducts, to the wonderful fountains admired today by millions of tourists every year and to the Tiber, the river of the Eternal City, and the many hidden plaques recording its floods in the past centuries…

Rome itself can tell so much about this wonderful 2,000 years long love relationship with water. This virtual tour will let you discover as well some of the essential and unmissable masterpieces of the Eternal City.

What to expect

  • Step on a time machine and start a wondrous adventure through the long history of Rome

  • Learn history, stories, and many curiosities of Trevi Fountain, Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, as well as many other spectacular ones.

  • Be guided through the details of places, squares and monuments. Surprises are everywhere in Rome!

  • Discover some of the most important facets and facts of the Ancient Romans

  • Be amazed at what Baroque artists have done to embellish Rome through water

  • Learn how skilled were the Roman engineers in building aqueducts and other amazing structures to supply the city with drinkable water

  • Be amazed at the wonderful baths of ancient roman times

  • Learn how the famous Mouth of the Truth is strictly related to water

  • The ancient bridges of Rome