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Mysteries and curiosities of the Vatican


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Mysteries and curiosities of the Vatican

With Mauro

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7pm italian time
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The Vatican is not only the smallest sovereign state in the world but it is also a very fascinating place. It is a tiny stretch of land adorned by some of the finest works of art ever created, yet what really happens and happened beyond those walls is uncertain to many.

This peculiar state comprises as well the largest church in the world, St Peter’s Basilica… and its many treasures. Be guided through mysteries, curiosities, scandals of the longest-lasting monarchy of the world ruled by a spiritual and political leader, the pope.

What to expect

  • Be amazed at the many curiosities of the most peculiar state in the world

  • Learn how the Vatican was born

  • Discover how the pope gets elected and why he gets chosen that way

  • Be surprised by the many extraordinary treasures and curiosities of St Peter’s Basilica

  • The oldest and smallest army in the world: The Swiss Guards

  • Learn about the actual calendar in use and how it was devised in the Vatican

  • The finances of the Vatican

  • The curiosities and amazing facts of the Vatican Museums

  • The only country where… There is so much to discover!