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The Graceful Brush of Raphael, The room of the Segnatura in the Vatican Museums


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The Graceful Brush of Raphael, The room of the Segnatura in the Vatican Museums

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The room we will visit in this virtual tour is the Segnatura, in the apartment of the Pope Julius II inside the Apostolic Palace. Here is one of the most famous paintings.

This room houses the famous fresco of The School of Athens together with The Debate on the Sacrament.

These are stunning frescoes that every student studies at school since they are a benchmark in history of art. 


What to expect

The School of Athens

- Learn the story of the most remarkable fresco painted by Raphael, located in the room used by the Pope to sign important papers. This was a prestigious commission for the young painter who was a contemporary of Michealangelo's and lived only to the age of 37.

- Who the philosophers depicted in the fresco are and their similarity with people in real life?

- Why Raphael is considered a genius? 

- Why his painting is so graceful?

- Let’s talk about the harmony he shows in every work whatever the story to be told is.


The Debate on the Sacrament

- Another great example of the ability of Raphael to depict an entire theological concept in a single moment.

- Who are all those guys sitting on the clouds crowning the sky?

- Why the guys on earth look so excited, amazed or totally calm?

- Discover the relation between Raphael and his rival in business Michelangelo who was working in the Sistine Chapel back then.. Is there evidence in this room about their competitiveness?