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Introduction to the Sistine Chapel


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Introduction to the Sistine Chapel

With Valentina

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Let's jump on my time-machine to go back to Renaissance and meet Michelangelo, working at the Sistine chapel.   I am the co-author of an illustrated book about his frescoes that will be part of the experience, in order to focus on the "human" side of an artist who became a legend, and the technical difficulties he had to face.   Of course, all questions are welcome, there will be space for interaction.

What to expect

- Learn about the historical context, the challenges and the opportunities that brought Michelangelo to paint his masterpiece;

- discover the specific steps to make a fresco painting;

- the inspiration from Greek and Roman Art;

- iconography in the Sistine Chapel: the Genesis and the Apocalypse;

- Michelangelo's new conception of space and time in Art;

- the rediscovery of Michelangelo's colors, thanks to the recent restauration.