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The foundation of Rome between myth and history


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The foundation of Rome between myth and history

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An intriguing journey into the past in search of the "real" beginning of the Eternal City.

The legend connecting the foundation of Rome with the twin brothers Romulus and Remus is reconsidered to highlight how much of historic events can be taken from the narrative and what should be rejected as fake news.

The virtual tour takes you on Palatine Hill. The legend is compared with archaeological remains, letting history emerging through the past.


What to expect

- the several layers qualifying Rome are part of the presentation with the aim to point out how many facts/finds can still be acknowledged while walking around the city or making the digs. 

- visual aid with reconstructions is given, to let you into the past

- several funny paradoxes will emerge, at least from our current perspectives. 

- what's the surprise? Legends are sources worth to be taken into account 

- The myth reflects the will Ancient Romans had to find out a "starting point" as a people

- Myths were part of the political propaganda for emperors ... and the presentation in fact ends with Augustus.

- Finally, did Romulus and Remus exist?


The Q&A session is planned to interact with the curios ones, to provide you with extra facts or speculate upon the legend.