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Augustus Palace, a hidden gem on Palatine Hill


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Augustus Palace, a hidden gem on Palatine Hill

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The profile of Augustus is rounded, from his first public life to the momentum when he became the Augustus, heir of Julius Caesar and Princeps of Rome.

The biography of the first Roman emperor gives us the chance to visit his private residence on Palatine Hill, thanks to a fortunate discovery and an impressive restoration.

The quality of the survived decoration reflects the status of the owner, the fashion of the moment, the ambition of the emperor.

The virtual tour grants visitors to dwell on the virtuosity of the artistic details, from the touch of brushes to decorative patterns, elements we can appreciate at their best when indulging on details.

This is a journey in the imperial palace with unexpected insights upon the politics of the emperor.


What to expect

- Profile of Octavian/Augustus: civil wars, his detractors, his lifetime friends, his uncle Julius Caesar

- Palatine Hill is introduced: how it looked like back in ancient times, how it looks now

- from the private residence to the new private and official residence

- the discovery of the palace: the digs, the restoration campaign(s), the opening to the public

- the frescoes, unique in their qualities, the used techniques and the purpose of the rooms 

- who was the painter/s. When were the frescoes painted? Was the purpose decorative only?

- The palace as part of the politics and propaganda of Augustus

- The added value of this virtual tour lays in the stunning details which can be appreciated while comfortably sitting on your sofa. 


The Q&A session is planned to interact with the curios ones, to provide you with extra facts or speculate upon such an intriguing figure as Augustus certainly was. A few reading suggestions are given.