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Nero's Golden Palace, madness or creativity?


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Nero's Golden Palace, madness or creativity?

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Emperor Nero is usually represented as a disturbed personality. While his reign is reported as gruesome and cynical, the careful reconsideration of written sources draws the unexpected figure of a young man who struggled in finding a balance between political duties and inner aspirations.

The breaking moment in Nero's life is certainly given from the terrible fire which destroyed Rome in 64 A.D. What happened next is the focus of the virtual tour.

Nero's politics are intertwined with murders and ambitions but then, the marvelous palace, the virtual reconstructions, the surprise of the fortunate discovery. A few meters below ground lays a world made of immense corridors and painted stuccoes, worth to be experienced. 


What to expect

- Nero's profile: from his juvenile years to the rise to the throne

- From the guide of his mentor Seneca to a season marked with blood and terror. 

- The fire on 18 July 64 A.D. Reconstruction of the new Rome as capital of the Empire.

- the Golden House, legacy with Eastern palaces, and the masterpiece of Severus and Celeres

- the Golden House: the plan, the gardens and the lake. Virtual reconstruction

- Destruction and oblivion.

- The fortunate rediscovery in 1480s and the birth of a new era


The Q&A session is planned to interact with the curios ones, to provide you with extra facts or speculate upon such a controversial figure as Nero certainly was. A few reading suggestions are given.