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Pompeii, October 24th 79 AD, it started like any other day


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Pompeii, October 24th 79 AD, it started like any other day

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Pompeii is one of the most popular archaeological site in the world because it was frozen in time by a massive volcanic eruption that took place in the I century AD. No other place can better describe the everyday life of a Roman colony of 2000 years ago.

Through the eyes of a pompeian citizen we will be able to follow his routine life the day of the eruption.

With the help of videos and pictures we will virtually explore some of the gems this ancient city has given us back.

What to expect

  • Learn about the eruption of Mt Vesuvius and how Pompeii was destroyed and sealed by the volcanic material

  • Understand how the city was discovered in the 1700' and how the approach to digging changed during the centuries

  • Be amazed about the very famous “bodies” of the Pompeians and understand what they really are.

  • See what kind of public activities would have taken place in the Forum, the main town square of the city

  • Surprise yourself about some of the shops and business Pompeii thrived on

  • Explore a house to learn about the way of living of the ancient Romans and the beautiful decorations they used on their walls and floors.

  • Be dazzled about the ancient Baths and how the Romans heated them.

  • Marvel at one of the oldest amphitheater in Italy and learn about gladiators combats.