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Italian Wine and how to taste it properly


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Italian Wine and how to taste it properly

With Jowita

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Your living room!
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We’ll be talking about all Italian wine and I’ll give you some practical guidelines about how to taste wine and how fo pair it with food.

What to expect

I’m a tour guide but also a Martels Sommelier. Since a few years I’m doing wine tours and wine tastings for tourists in Rome, where I talk about Italian wine and how to properly match it with food. If you join this tour at the end you’ll have a better knowledge about our national wine and some general knowledge about wine tasting.    - An introduction to what wine is and how it’s made; - A better understanding of the Italian wine scene; - Information about what to drink while in the most iconic tourist locations: Rome, Florence, Venice; - I’ll give you the names of my favorite wines and wineries worth while visiting; - Some practical information about buying wine in Italy; - Q & A session