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On the other side of the Tiber: the Etruscans


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On the other side of the Tiber: the Etruscans

With Maria Elena

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With a general overview of the geographical area normally defined Etruria and its most famous cities, we will study of the interactions among Etruscans and Romans and how their presence “far but close enough to Rome” was determining for the raise of Rome.

Being amazed and stunned by their incredible ability as craftsmen and artisans admiring their incredible art productions.

Focus also on their origin, language and cultural development, trying to clarify why they are not “mysterious” as many people believed for a very long time!

What to expect

Every when we talk about “ancient Italy” thinking about “Julius Cesar” or “Mark Anthony” is spontaneous and known to everyone. Well... before Rome and its undiscussed greatness, there were many other powerful and important cities, the closest were in the area defined Etruria.

During our meeting we'll talk about the importance and the influence of the Etruscan in the development of Rome. It will be my pleasure to introduce this interesting culture, their skills as craftsmen, jewel makers and how fast they were to receive, elaborate and restyle the inspirations and the models from other cultures facing the Mediterranean sea.