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Raiders of the lost Etruscan Cities


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Raiders of the lost Etruscan Cities

With Maria Elena

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Sites Visited

Volterra, Cerveteri, Tarquinia, Vulci... they won't be anymore only little spots on a map.

The importance of the famous “Dodecapolis” (12 cities) of the Etruscans will help us to understand the incredible influence they had in the trading relationship throughout the Mediterranean area and why the Romans didn't even consider the option of a peaceful coexistence with them.

The Romans didn't leave anything left about the cities but the necropolis...from those incredible sites we'll have a perfect reconstruction of the Etruscan Lifestyle!

What to expect

The purpose of this short experience will be to understand the excellence of the thus called “minor” cities just outside of Rome. Traveling virtually through those silent places, entering mausoleums raised more than 2500 years ago and still standing, perfectly preserved is surprising...

We will learn about their breathtaking painting technique used to embellish the “the eternal residence” , their deep knowledge of Greek Mythology and how they received it as a status symbol.

The only skilled prophets for the Romans, the only ones able to “read” signs coming from the birds' flight or from the animals, in general. The love for life, the art of enjoying it, the taste of beauty and “art for art's sake” will be enough to motivate you to walk physically, when it will be possible, through those fascinating streets, still telling us stories.