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Vatican museums


Vatican Tours

Vatican museums

with Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica

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3 hours
Meeting Point
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Meeting Point
The meeting point is at the entrance to the Vatican Museums, down the steps of the gate surmounted by the statues of Michelangelo and Raffaello
Meeting Time
monday, tuesday, thursday, friday and saturday at 9:00 from monday to saturday at 13:30
Dress Code
below knees, shoulders covered
ticket fees, radios and earpieces for 6 pax or more
Not Included
foods and beverages and taxi transfer unless otherwise specified
Sites Visited

Vatican Museums, Courtyard of the pine cone, Galleries of Candelabras, Tapestries and Geographical Maps, the Raphael's rooms, Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's Basilica and square, Pietà of Michelangelo

What to expect

Discover with us the wonders of the Vatican Museums in the Vatican City State, the smallest country of the world, an independent entity from Italy since 1929. Entering the threshold of the museums will mean for you to cross the border and leave Italy.

With this tour you experience the most relevant part of the State, some of the 54 sections and a little bit less than a 1000 rooms composing the Vatican Museums, one of the five most visited museums of the world with 6 millions of tourists every year, unique for the density of masterpieces, a chance to breath the genius of Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli, the most influential and representative artists of the Italian renaissance.

An itinerary focused on the Sistine Chapel passing through courtyards, galleries like the one of the tapestries and the geographical maps, and including the private apartment of the Pope Julius II painted by the talented Raphael.

After having enjoyed all these gems you'll be finally prepared to the overwhelming vision of the Sistine Chapel where the master spent 4 years for the painting of the ceiling with Genesis and Creation and 5 years for the altar wall with the Last Judgement. A chance to meet not only the artist through his creations but the man and his conflict, tensions and pain. A genius collaborating with 13 Popes and an everlasting carrier, 76 years.

Leaving the Chapel, a short itinerary skipping all the lines, gives you the access to the Basilica of Saint Peter, the biggest Catholic church of the world, the cradle of Christianity, land of pilgrimages, the main expression of the Barocco style in Rome with its best interpreter, Bernini. He spent 25 years of his activity and was appointed by the Pope Urban VIII director of fine arts for the project of what is a museum and a church at the same time.

Once inside, at the first chapel on the right, one of the most iconic statue of the italian history of art, carved by Michelangelo at the age of only 23, the Pietà! The church also holds the tombs of most of the 266 Popes since Peter. Moving towards the end of the main nave your eyes will be caught by the canopy covering the main altar under whose magnificent structure you can see the golden box preserving the relics of Peter.


Additional info and suggestions

- tours don't run on sundays and in the following days: january 1, 6, february 11, 22, march 19, 28, june 29, august 15, november 1, december 8, 25, 26. Closing days do not depend on us, but on the sites visited on the tour

- the meeting time is 15 min prior to the beginning of the tour 

- at the vatican museums if you bring big bags and backpacks, the security staff will ask you to leave them at the wardrobe forcing you to walk for more than 15 min after the tour to take them back, the same for big umbrellas


Meeting point