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Ostia antica


Archaeological Tours

Ostia antica

the ancient city harbor

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  • Avoid the crowd
Meeting Point
at your hotel as long as it is placed in the city center
Meeting Time
every day from october till march at 9:00, from april till september at 9:00 and at 13:00
Dress Code
comfortable shoes, hat on summer
taxi ride from your place to the train station, round trip train tickets to and from Ostia by Ostiense station, ticket fees to the archaeological site, radios and earpieces for 6 pax or more
bring bottles of water on summer
the guide will meet you at your hotel and all together you'll move with a taxi to the train station to reach the archaeological site of Ostia. At the end of the visit, you'll take again with him/her the train back to the station where if you wish you can use the taxi or the metro B line (you'll be 2 stations far from the Colosseum).
Sites Visited

Necropolis, Decumanus Maximus, Porta Romana, Bath of the carters, Cippus of Caninius, Bath of Neptune, Caupona, firemen barrack, theater, square of the guilds, forum, Capitolium, Basilica, Temple of Rome and Augustus, Bath of the Forum, Thermopolium

What to expect

No other name could have been more appropriate for this city-harbor as it derives from the latin “hostis” (mouth). The settlement is in fact located close to the outfall of the river Tiber into the Tyrrhenian Sea and due to its strategical position, all the supplies of raw materials used to reach Ostia before being moved to Rome, let this satellite town play an essential role for the survival of Rome.

If after having watched a documentary about ancient Rome your dream is to live like an ancient roman for one day, and you yearn to wear a toga (typical roman gown), well this is your tour!

Be prepared to stroll along the Decumanus Maximus (main street) and live the daily life of an ancient roman citizen, stopping to eat or for a drink to a Caupona (tavern) or to a Thermopolium (bar), to the theater for a moment of relax and entertainment, to the Square of the Guilds, a business center, to the forum financial, government, religious district and main gathering place for events, to the several public baths, social occasions to relax like in a spa and discuss about politic and gossip. The tour also includes the visit to the firemen barrack to discover the efficiency of the romans in preventing and extinguishing fire, a big issue in a city where wood was the main material of construction.

This daydream, this full immersion in the past, so easy to reach, is only 30 km far from Rome; the chaotic pace and typical noise of a modern city will be easily forgotten as you approach the gate of what is called the Pompei of Rome for its preservation.


Additional info and suggestions

tours don't run on mondays and in the following days: january 1, may 1, december 25.