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Private walking tour of the Appian Way with pick up and drop off


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Private walking tour of the Appian Way with pick up and drop off

II and III mile

  • Avoid the crowd
Meeting Point
At your accommodation
Meeting Time
Dress Code
Comfortable shoes
Radios and earpieces for parties with 6 people or more; pick up/drop off at your accommodation
Sites Visited

- Basilica of San Sebastiano Fuori le Mura

- Villa of Maxentius (Circus and Mausoleum of Romolus)

- Tomb of Caecilia Metella

- Castrum Caetani 

- Chirch of San Nicola

- Villa Capo di Bove

- Necropolis


What to expect

Meet me and the driver at your hotel for a comfortable ride up to the II mile of the Appian Way.

Between nature and archaeology, this tour is an invitation to discover the urban section of the "Queen of Roads"!

Expression of the roman genius, the first part of the road preserves the most significant remains of the entire route.

With focuses on ancient roman technology in road engineering, building techniques, instruments and their use, our walk will clarify the intentions behind the making of the road as a way to spread the roman culture, improve the commerce and move the troops.

We'll answer practical questions like: how to find your way without GPS? Did they have "gas" stations? Which means of transportation they used?

To the Appian Way we owe the creation of the word Catacombs, early christian burial site at the time of the persecutions. Every step we make is full of stories like the one of the usurper Maxentius set in the context of the late empire and whose Circus, part of our itinerary, was chosen as a location of the movie Ben Hur in 1959!

Alongside the original paved road, the remains of the necropolis and its tombs representing the wish of the romans to be remembered by the travelers. 

Enjoying the scenery of the Appian Way will give rise to considerations about the italian landscape and its changes through the centuries. From an imposing road connecting the eternal city to the southern part of Italy and the empire, to the appropriation of the pagan ruins by the christians and its reuse in the middleages, to the agricultural exploitation of the rich roman families in the XIX century, the Appian Way today is an archaeological park protected by the government and candidate to the Unesco Worldwide heritage.

A drop off at your accommodation is included at the end of this tour.