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  • Rome in Tours - About Me
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About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Ferdinando Badagliacca, I'm an archaeologist and an official guide of Rome and its province since 2009.

I took a Degree in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Sicily and a Master Degree in Classical Archaeology (i.e. greek and roman) in Rome.
I'm a specialist in roman and greek pottery.

Being not merely a guide but digging since the age of 18, what I offer is not a simple tour, but a way to breath history.

I'll do my best to let the monuments come alive as I had the privilege to take part to the excavation of an area very close to the Colosseum. The experience turned afterwards into my MD focused on Nero and the Flavians, the dynasty of emperors who built the Colosseum. So the valley of the Amphitheater is like my second home as it was the introduction of my dissertation.

The training in this area as a student gives me today the chance to explain the way we "read" the stones and to reconstruct history by understanding the stratification of layers. Here we found the house where the future emperor Augustus was born and the place where the emperor Maxentius left his imperial weapons before being defeated by Constantine.

I also had the opportunity to take part to several excavations in Sicily, in many regions of Italy and in Crete two times as a guest of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens.

History of art has always been my passion.
To get my license as a guide gave me the chance to improve my knowledge and transform my enthusiasm into a job. I still keep updating my competence and every tour is an opportunity to learn something more.

Walking in the city centre and visiting the Vatican Museums more or less 300 times a year made me conscious of the incredible masterpieces of the city and at the same time capable and eager to share this experience with you.

What makes my tour an unique experience though are two goals to achieve on a tour and a sort of a mission for me.

The first is to make my love and passion for what this marvelous city offers contagious, and second, as a consequence of the previous, to leave this city with a feeling of respect of the past and the wish for every possible visitor after you to enjoy the same beauty!

So why choose me?

In the jungle of companies providing tours, with me you’ll have the chance to interact directly with the person who is going to take you around without any filter, any intermediation, no surprises, you choose not only the tour but the guide!

This means having the efficiency and logistics of a company and a qualified tour guide at the same time!

It is 8 years I do this job full time and I know step by step how to arrange a tour, I collected roughly 600 hundreds of private and group tours every year, taking care of any aspect.

Mine is a visual experience, I strongly believe in the power of images, something I learnt during my university studies, and so I was educated to this strategy of communication as a way to make history visible apart from understandable.

Rome is an open air museum with 3% of the world heritage attracting people from all over the world. Meeting people for me is like traveling with my imagination and so my philosophy is that experiencing Rome is a cultural exchange and interaction, not a one-way conversation, but a chance for a cultural growth. I can proudly say I have had a lot of customers but I also have many friends.

My tours are 100% clients oriented.. never forget that it is your tour not mine! I can handle any kind of experience like the regular tours with adults, or family tours, where I can say I'm an expert! My two daughters help me every day! And in general I'm at your disposal for any kind of customization according to the time available and your interests.

I can provide an overview of the city covering the main attractions as well as discovering the hidden treasures and visiting the off the beaten tracks sites for those who already had a taste of the city.

Contact me also for driving, running and segway tours, for a different way to explore the eternal city.

So... what are you waiting for?

Let me share with you the privilege to live the Eternal City!

Don't lose this opportunity, join my tours to discover touristic and hidden Rome layer by layer in 2771 years of history!


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