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Welcome to Rome.. with gelato!


Fountain & Squares

Welcome to Rome.. with gelato!

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2,5 hours
Meeting Point
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Meeting Point
in front of Babington tea room, Piazza di Spagna n. 23, looking at the Spanish steps bottom left. See the picture in the section info and suggestions
Meeting Time
every day at 18:00, on sunday at 16:30
radios and earpieces for 6 pax or more, handmade gelato!!
bottles of water can be easily refilled at several drinking fountains
Sites Visited

Spanish steps, Column of the immaculate Conception, Trevi fountain, Piazza di Pietra, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Largo Argentina (i.e. site where Caesar was killed), Vittoriano, Palazzo Venezia, Column of Trajan

What to expect

After having landed at the main roman airports, or on a train on your way to the Termini station, as you have just left your baggages at the hotel and start realizing you're experiencing the eternal city, with its food smells, its narrow flowering picturesque alleys, and the friendliness and warmth of the people, when your expectations grow and you can feel the enthusiasm, before getting lost in the city winding roads, take this tour with us and wander around with an expert covering the main highlights of the city center!

The goal of this tour, what needs to come out since you start listening to your tour guide, is the reason why we italians chose this city as our capital. Apart from the incredible concentration of monuments, what makes Rome really unique is that as you turn around, doesn't matter where you are, you can see the most representative periods of the italian history represented, not in opposition but perfectly merged and harmonized in a marvelous painting. Modern and present in a delicate and fascinating balance in a city where the most important challenge is to let the necessities of the Capital of a modern State and the valorization of the past coexist in this open air museum with 3% of the world heritage! So, as you stroll around the piazzas and fountains, you'll be part of this mosaic of history adding a tile in every stop!

The tour starts at the Spanish Steps, today the most mundane location and close to one of the main shopping districts for locals and tourists, once an architectural project meant to connect the church of Trinità dei Monti, on top of the steps, with the Bourbon Spanish embassy (from which the square takes its name). On its right hand side, the house of John Keats, the romantic poet of England dying in Rome in 1821.

Taking the meander alley left of the square, all of a sudden, the majesty of the Trevi fountain will be shown to you, the largest late Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. Supplied by one of the 12 ancient roman aqueducts still working after more than 2000 years, it was the location of many movies the most famous of which “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini.

Still delighted by the view of this jam, you won't even have the chance to linger that much as you are already on your way to the next stop, so be ready to be projected back of 1700 years of history with a sudden passage to the second most representative roman monument, the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to all the Roman Gods. Built in 19 BC by the right-hand man of Augustus, it has the biggest unreinforced concrete dome of the world and a hole on top working as a sundial to illuminate the statues of Gods inside, combining the inclination of the sun rays and the movement of the earth and creating a clockwise movement with the effect of a bull's eye!

The itinerary also includes Piazza Navona, a Baroque square built in 1651 on a pre-existent roman stadium, whose shape of the elongated track, ending with a turning point is still perfectly visible. Famous for the fountain of the four rivers in the center surmounted by one of the thirteen obelisks of Rome. A masterpiece by Bernini wanted by the Pope Innocentius X and showing the personification of the four longest rivers of the world symbolizing the power of the Church over 4 continents. Recently one of the locations of the movie Angel's and Demons based on the book by Dan Brown.

On your first taste of Rome you can not miss another very special highlight, the location of Julius Caesar assassination in the ides of march 44 BC. A place where you'll be able to visualize the moment when the general was victim of the greed for power of the Senators, threatened by the charismatic personality of the dictator capable of attracting the romans on his side, and whose death was necessary for Augustus to change the political system of Rome from Republic to Empire.

So it is a way for us to give the proper tribute to the most famous name of the roman history, the first deified person, whose memory is still celebrated by the romans every year on march 15.

The tour ends at Piazza Venezia the geographical center of the city, intersection of the 5 major road axes. Since your arrival you'll be astonished by the most representative monument, the Vittoriano, the altar to the king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II, but also the memorial to the unknown soldier, the altar of the Forefathers and a museum. Left of it, Palazzo Venezia named after having been chosen from 1564 till 1797 as the embassy of the Republic of Venice of the Holy See. Facing the Palazzo, a building erected in 1906 as a counterpart of the older one, Palazzo delle assicurazioni generali (General Insurances) and finally south-west, among the buildings, the apartment where Napoleon's mother spent the last years of her life.

Last but not least, we promised this was going to be a proper introduction to the city, well we'll introduce you to the artisanal italian gelato on a place where the 2 basic rules of the handmade gelato are fully respected: each flavor having its own box preserving a required specific freezing temperature you can read on a display on the wall and every flavor covered by a lid to preserve the taste. 

Additional info and suggestions

tours don't run in the following days: december 25, january 1. 

the meeting time is 15 min prior to the beginning of the tour


It is mandatory to wear a mask to cover nose and mouth. The mask should be worn for the entire duration of the visit   To access the Pantheon each visitor will be subjected to the mandatory control of body temperature. Access will be denied to all those who will have a body temperature equal to or more than 37.5 º