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Roman heresy on the trail of Angels and Demons


Fountain & Squares

Roman heresy on the trail of Angels and Demons

The path of the Illuminati between freemasonry and occultism

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Meeting Point
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Meeting Point
Obelisk, Saint Peter's Square
Meeting Time
10 am
Sites Visited

Saint Peter's Square, Passetto di Borgo, Castel Sant'Angelo (from outside), Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo, Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria

What to expect

One of the biggest risks I run immersing myself into the wonders of Rome every day, is to take such beauties for granted. At that moment I am pushed to provide new inputs to my curiosity, and it is precisely this attitude that prompted me to invite you on this new journey.

Are you ready to leave the main road, to put into crisis our most solid certainties, to explore fields of knowledge intentionally set aside because uncomfortable, to bare the weaknesses of what we believe in the search for a new level of awareness?

In order to do this we will instruct a trial, putting in the dock the most influential figures of the 17th century, one for all the Pope Urban VIII, because they would be stained with a terrible crime. Although they are the most glaring expression of the established order, they would be guilty of the crime they most pursued, heresy. And in this curious performance I'll be playing my usual role as narrator and you won't be just witnesses, you will be the jury!