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Noir Rome Tour, ghosts and murders in the eternal city


Fountain & Squares

Noir Rome Tour, ghosts and murders in the eternal city

A curious itinerary among creepy stories and restless souls hovering through the meanders of Rome

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Sites Visited

Piazza della Bocca della Verità, San Giovanni Decollato church (from outside), Tarpeian rock, Mamertine prison (from outside), Cola di Renzo statue, Largo di Torre Argentina (i. e. place of Caesar assassination), Cenci's Palace (from outside), Church of San Salvatore in Campo (from outside), Vicolo delle Grotte, Campo de' fiori, Prison of Corte Savella (from outside), Carceri nuove (from outside), Piazza Navona and surroundings, Tor di Nona prison, Mastro Titta's house, Via del Pellegrino (Caravaggio committing murder).

What to expect

Rome is a constant inspiration for me, the more I walk around the more I enrich my own perspective and discover a new facet of it.

One day I was wondering around the city center and I noticed there's a lot of hints and clues about cruel stories that have deeply affected the destiny of the city and had consequences on its future.

Traumatic events like violent deaths and brutality generate fear and, by making leverage on our deepest instincts, cause superstition. Some others instead awaken consciences and unleash revolutions.

We will talk about mysteries, intrigues, conspiracies, how they affected the citizens' soul and how they turned their characters into victims of their obscure plots.

This weird heritage gave rise to maxims, ways of saying and anecdotes contributing to form the identity in which the romans mirror themselves. By sharing these unordinary stories you will feel like a real local as it will take you to a deeper level of knowledge of the city and feel part of our community!