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Hadrian's Villa, Architecture and Aesthetics


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Hadrian's Villa, Architecture and Aesthetics

Evocation of a man

  • Avoid the crowd
Meeting Point
At your accommodation as long as it is located in the city centre
Meeting Time
Everyday at 9 am
Dress Code
wear comfortable shoes and hat on summer
Full optional car (up to 3 people) or van (up to 6 people) with driver, ticket fees to the archaeological site, radios and earpieces for 4 pax or more
bring bottle of water on summer
The guide and the driver will meet you at your accommodation with a Car/Van for a round trip transfer from Rome to Hadrian's Villa and back to your place at the end of the tour.
Sites Visited

Antinoeion, hundred tiny chambers, Vestibule, Small and Big Baths, Canopus and Serapaeum, Pretorius, Builiding with three exedras, Pecile, Hall of the Philosophers, Maritime Theater

What to expect

The Villa displays the spaces of the Roman city as well as the provinces of the Empire, and so it is like an ideal city, in which each pavilion contributes to a great symbolic description of the Mediterranean world in Hadrian's time

Starting with a site presentation you'll be introduced to the host, the emperor Hadrian, a passionate architect

Discover his skills on two utmost original architectural creations: the complex of Canopus and Serapeum and the Maritime Theater

Enjoy the mindful use of water with fountains, basin, pipes and channels not only for practical use but meant to impress, a display of power combining nature with architecture. Water takes on a key role: it is not the architectural project moulding the natural landscape, but the opposite.. water shapes and determinate the landscape

With a constant dialogue with me enriched by anecdotes and many visual aids taking you back to the II century AD we'll try to get inside the mind of the sophisticated architects leaded by the dominant personality of the emperor whose refined taste and elegance is shown in every recess of the Villa

Pretending to be official guests invited by Hadrian in his spiritual retreat and by following an itinerary covering the main pavilions, we'll finally meet the host in the Maritime Theater, where we'll be repaid by the priceless gift to know the multifaceted man behind the politician.

Additional info and suggestions

Tours don't run for site closure in the following days: january 1, december 25.


- To access the site it is mandatory to wear a mask to cover nose and mouth. The mask should be worn for the entire duration of the visit

- Each visitor will be subjected to the mandatory control of body temperature. Access will be denied to all those who will have a body temperature equal to or more than 37.5º