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Worth every euro

Worth every euro

Ellen Murphy, Washington DC

Ferdinando was by far the best guide we had in all tours. We were also fortunate to have him the following day for the Colosseum tour as the previous we had at the Vatican. His level of knowledge, charming and caring personality made the whole experience very pleasurable and informative. He is also greatly respected by Colosseum staff and allowed to gain entry into areas not accessible to the general public. It becomes evident that Ferdinando has a gift for teaching and any university would be lucky to have him. But in the meantime, travelers wanting to learn about ancient Rome and the Vatican would be well served by the best guide encountered in our travels, Ferdinando!

Wonderful guide

Rome was so great! I went with a group of friends and we were so lucky to meet Ferdinando. He really lit the cit...

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Colosseum tour

What a tour! Ferdinando, the guide, was very kind and showed us such amazing places. My ...

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A great experience

Ferdinando was in command of our group from the start! Don’t get me wrong, he’s not bossy he’s ...

Read the review A great experience

Local ken + friendly nature = Ferdinando

The title says it all really. Ferdinando was great. Very friendly, very knowledgeable. I...

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Thanks Ferdinando

Hi Ferdinando! kasim and I are sadly back from Italy. Touring with you was the highlight...

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A true experience

We just wanted to say the biggest thank to Ferdinando from all 4 of us with the guided tours he has given us dur...

Read the review A true experience

Colosseum days

What can I say? Our vacation was absolutely a wonderful experience. The memories will al...

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Vatican tour

Once again thank you so much for the tour at the Vatican. You really brought it to life ...

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Beyond the call of duty

Salve, Ferdinando - I wanted to say "grazie" for a very informative and enlightening tour of the Colosseum and Forum ...

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Still excited!

We had the absolute pleasure of participating in the Colosseum tour with Ferdinando last...

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Excellent tour! excellent guide

Ferdinando was very knowledgeable, well spoken and personable. We did the underground Co...

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Thank you Ferdinando!

Thank you for the extremely interesting afternoon. You made it very worthwhile, even in ...

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Colosseum tour

Thank you again for a wonderful and informative tour today. Your knowledge of Italian hi...

Read the review Colosseum tour

Wonderful tours and tour guide

Thank you again for all the wonderful tours. You are a terrific tour guide. You are very...

Read the review Wonderful tours and tour guide

Colosseum tour

Thanks for all the wonderful information and stories about Colosseum and Roman Forum. A ...

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Great guide

Dear Ferdinando, we just wanted to say a big thank you for today, you made our trip to R...

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Marvelous tour

My wife and I took this incredible tour on the 8th dec. We had the good fortune to have ...

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Worth every euro

Ferdinando was by far the best guide we had in all tours. We w...

Read the review Worth every euro